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Giovanni Crisafulli - gcproject

Timeless armony

The marriage of classic and modern turns this apartment into a unique piece. The ivory floor, walls and ceiling allow the 19th-Century furniture to gracefully harmonize with the more modern piece of furniture. It is a winning combination that preserves the past without feeling heavy.

Yin and Yang

The soul of this apartment lies in the interplay of light: there is no scheme, but different light sources in every room create unique harmonies according to the situations. Cabinets hanging from the false ceiling separate the entrance from the kitchen; the mounts are studied so that the floor bears all their weight.

Passion to share

The beating heart of the apartment is the living area, a perfect match for a young, newly married couple who loves cooking for their friends. Appliances, pantry, and laundry room are hidden behind refined columns, that radiate order and elegance. In the two bathrooms, hidden light cuts play with the materiality of the resin walls.

Living under water

Not satisfied with looking out on the blue, this two-story house also brings the color of the waves on the walls and in the accessories, such as the lightweight but indestructible, world-renowned Chiavari chairs.